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Jesus Begins to Preach October 29, 2017

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Here are my thoughts on Matthew 4:12-17.

Summary: In this passage, Jesus responds to the news that Herod has imprisoned John the Baptist by relocating to Capernaum – thereby fulfilling a prophecy in Isaiah 9:1-2. At that time, he begins his preaching ministry, exhorting others to repent of their sins in light of the impending arrival of the kingdom of God.

Thoughts: This passage marks the commencement of Jesus’ preaching ministry. Ryle offers some thoughts on this point:

There is no job so honorable as that of the preacher. There is no work so important to human souls. It is a job which the Son of God was not ashamed to do. It is a job to which he appointed his twelve apostles. It is a job to which St. Paul in his old age specially directs Timothy’s attention – he charges him with almost his last breath to “preach the Word” (2 Timothy 4:2).

After mulling over this point, my current thought is that the ministry of preaching can be emotionally draining. After delivering a particular sermon, a pastor may be unsure as to whether they are maximizing their impact on their congregation. This feeling of doubt may be exacerbated by the reality that not all of their congregants will respond positively to a given sermon. This should spur us, as lay Christians, to continue to pray for our pastors. We should not pray that they would avoid discouragement, as that is impossible in this life; instead, we should pray that they would not be conquered by their discouragement. Moreover, we should pray that they would continue to fulfill their calling, as God is their ultimate judge.